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Jewish Folk Songs for the Holidays

"Every Jewish Holiday has its music..." begins one website devoted to Jewish Holiday music.  As such, there is a rich and varied tradition, full of wonderful melodies which our Jewish students will likely know, love and from which they can learn much.  This collection covers music performed for The High Holy Days, Chanuka, Sukot, Purim and Passover.  More songs will be added as they are collected.  You may view the songs here by selecting subregion Jewish-Israeli.  

Guidelines for Adding Songs

Keeping in mind that the goal of this website is to provide access to as many high quality songs as possible, we ask all users to follow the guidelines below.  If we all follow these guidelines we can build a resource that is both comprehensive and accurate, if we do not, it is possible that the resource will become untrustworthy and unusable. 

About this site

"Song Web" is a teaching resource inspired by the Kodaly concept of teaching music.  It is guided by three fundamental principles:

1) That students deserve to play only the finest music.  

2) That students learn best when they are inspired by music that connects them to their world.

3) That students learn best when the music itself perfectly fits their needs and abilities.

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