About this site

"Song Web" is a teaching resource inspired by the Kodaly concept of teaching music.  It is guided by three fundamental principles:

1) That students deserve to play only the finest music.  

2) That students learn best when they are inspired by music that connects them to their world.

3) That students learn best when the music itself perfectly fits their needs and abilities.

"Song Web" is designed to serve as a resource for music teachers who want easy access to songs that will fit their students' needs.  With this resource teachers can find songs from around the World and sort them by musical or technical elements to easily build effective lesson plans.  

The classification and ordering of tonal elements is loosely based on the Kodaly concept.  Tone sets are listed from lowest to highest, with pitches outside the main octave marked with a comma or an apostrophe (d, or d').  All are welcome to use this site, but it is assumed that a basic understanding of movable Do and the Kodaly approach to classifying songs is necessary for effective use.

While a few resources exist that are highly accurate and scholarly, and many exist that are unmoderated, Song Web attempts to chart a middle ground of the variegated and useful.  We are seeking all information that will be useful for teaching, so long as it can be easily classified and retrieved.  For example, alternate versions of songs or new rules to games, regional or made up lyrics, new research on the meaning of songs, etc are welcome in the comments and description sections.  Each user will have to be responsible to choose what information they would like to use in their own teaching.

It is our hope that all teachers who use this resource will also contribute to it, both by adding content and commenting on existing content.  As the community grows, so will the breadth, depth and accuracy of the content.  You are the Song Web, connecting to each other, to the students and our shared and diverse musical heritage.

To add a song all you need is to know that a particular song is great for teaching a particular concept or technique.  The more (and better) media you have of the song (score, audio, video) the better, but none is required.  The more accurate the analysis the better, but others will have the opportunity to comment on, add to and/or update the analysis.  The idea is for the song web to grow organically through the shared efforts of music teachers everywhere.

Kodaly Songweb was created by Dr. Klondike Steadman for use by Kodaly teachers at Orpheus Academy of Music. Learn more at www.orpheusacademy.com